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Home Casting Service

Impala Impressions Baby 3D Hand and Feet Casting - Home Service

Prices include having the mould taken in the comfort of your own home and the finished framed casts delivered to your door. We run the Home Service on an appointments basis. You’ll know your EDD, so why not contact us beforehand and make an appointment for the earliest moments! All requests with a postcode more than 15 miles away from Impala Impressions will be charged a flat rate of £5.00 travel cost.


Prices for babies 0-18 months
Two Hands - 70.00
Hand and Foot - 65.00
Two Feet - 55.00
One Hand - 35.00
One Foot - 28.00
For all other ages, prices may vary depending on size of baby/child. Payment to be made in full on initial visit to take moulds.


Both hands and feet service This service is available at a cost of £180.00 for babies aged 0 – 18 months and includes a choice of cream, dark blue, dark green or maroon mounts and a silver engraved plaque.
framed two baby hands and two baby feet service
For ages 19 months + prices can be discussed, again depending on the size of the baby/child. Simply contact me for a price and to discuss a booking.


Bespoke Casting Service

bespoke casting serviceWhy not give someone a present with a difference, and create an everlasting memory! Please call or email meto discuss any ideas you may have.




Baby Hand and Foot Casting with Photo - Home Service

Bespoke 10” x 8” frames to hold a 6’ x 4’ photograph of your baby and 2 casts of hands, feet or one of each next to it. The Frames are available in Antique Pine or Mahogany effect but alternative shades can be ordered if requested.


baby photo framesYou can provide Impala with a favourite photo of your own on the initial visit to take the mould of your baby's hands and feet or Impala Impressions can arrange a session with a local photographer in your home at a cost of 60.00 including a 6" x 4" print. Other prints will be available to buy at extra cost.

Lifecasting parties
Perfect for a gathering of your ante-natal or NCT friends in the comfort of your home. Available to groups of up to 4 babies. Prices as above for home visits but as the host you will receive 20% off the cost of your baby's castings.

framed baby hand

cast of baby hand and foot

bronze cast baby hand

baby hand and foot cast

mould of baby hand

“Thank you so much for coming and doing George’s hand and foot. Your personal service was so much nicer than going to a shop and George certainly enjoyed himself!” Sarah & Andy, Kent